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Teamwork, Quality and Innovation at Work

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At TQI, we provide organizations with design and consulting services that include hardware, software and firmware solutions based on the founding principals of TQI.  Teamwork, Quality and Innovation.  The interaction of these principals is the foundation of our business strategy and our high performance teams.

Our team (Teamwork) focuses on customer driven continuous improvement (Quality) which enables the team to design products that use modern, original or advanced technologies (Innovation).  Our Systematic Innovation is based on "Ask, Analyze, Decide, Execute and Repeat consistently."  

We bring to our team, members who can meet and adhere to our performance model that includes several basic principals that we believe make a team High Performance.  Motivation, Integrity, Rules, Responsibility, Respect, Consciousness and Communication. 


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Contact us at (512) 401-8103 or email at  info@tqicorp.com



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